Therese Lacson

Founding Editor – Design Executive – Blogger

One half of the founding team of Nerdophiles, Therese is an aspiring writer hoping to make a difference in the world (or planning failure and a career in writing romance novels). She graduated in the Spring of 2014 from Arizona State University, with a B.A. in English Literature B.A. and a minor in European History. When she’s not working hard on Nerdophiles, she can be found doing freelance web design and dev, or reading romance novels, or putzing around her house being horrible at video games (though she really loves Simpsons’ Tapped Out). She is notorious for her TV addiction and watches almost everything under the sun.


Sam Wildman

Founding Editor – Staff Coordinator – Blogger

The other half of the founding team, Sam recently graduated from law school and is currently living in limbo while waiting for her bar exam results. Now that she’s got nothing but free time while she contemplates the real world she enjoys spending her time reading, catching up on television, and playing video games. She loves her Kindle, her PS4, her PS Vita, Marvel comics, Hemingway cats, and traveling among her many other geekier pursuits. Sam is hopefully optimistic about Disney acquiring Star Wars and waits for the day when someone will finally help Will Graham. Her biggest goal in life is to someday have a shiny Sandslash in Pokemon.


Kylee Sills

Associate Editor – Blogger

Kylee graduated from the University of Maryland in 2012 with a degree in Criminology and Family Science. She has a reputation for being the resident zombie expert, the running app guinea pig, and forever behind in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her free time is spent reading, watching television shows, and surfing the internet aimlessly. She button-mashes video games like a pro, drinks a lot of tea, and has zombie contingency plans that include curling into a ball and being frozen in fear. Some of her favorite genres of anything are generally depressing and include sci-fi, dystopian, space, apocalyptic, and fantasy settings.


Amy DuPont


Amy graduated from the School of International Studies at University of the Pacific in 2013 with a degree in Global Studies and Japanese. She is currently living abroad and teaching English to Japanese school children in Hiroshima. She is a lifelong nerd and fangirl whose primary hobbies include cosplaying, crafting, and playing clarinet. Her obsessions are BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings, and her incurable addictions are David Bowie and caffeine. She dreams of being internet-famous and traveling the world with the confidence and intelligence of the world’s only Consulting Detective, and the creativity and inspiration of her favorite Thin White Duke.

Kirstie Haruta


Kirstie is preparing to graduate from SFSU with a degree in journalism. She has covered arts and entertainment for SJDC and SFSU’s campus newspapers and particularly enjoys reading and writing about pop culture through a feminist lens. She is a hopeless TV junkie, dating back to her discovery of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in junior high. She dabbles in drawing, music, and photography. In a movie about her life, she and everyone else would be played by Tatiana Maslany.


Jane Lacson


Jane finished up her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering at ASU and is currently working. She enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, biking, and longboarding. She’s got a horrible addiction to Reddit and plays the occasional video game. On the nerdier side of things, she loves playing with circuits, programming, and all sorts of tinkering and technology. Cooking is also a fun pastime of hers.


Ashley Leckwold


Ashley graduated from Georgia State University in 2012 with a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations with a minor in Music Management. She jokes that her life is made hard by musicians between being obsessed with multiple musicians and having to herd them like cats in her multiple freelance jobs. Currently, she lives in Atlanta, where she surrounds herself with nerdy friends, blogs her media reflections and feelings at The Diary of a Dimension Hopper, maintains a personal fashion blog and occasionally dances with fire. She holds out hope that she’ll be a magical girl one day.


Alexx Ross Daniels


Alex is a writer, film/theatre critic, nerd blogger and internet addict living in London, UK. Currently in his second year at the University of East London studying Journalism, Alex is starting to find his own voice within the industry.


Katie Cardwell


Katie recently graduated with a BA in psychology and is currently taking a break before figuring out graduate school. She likes to keep busy and on top of writing for Nerdophiles also works on a crisis line and at a group home. Sleep is a thing of the past, apparently. There is no true rhyme or reason to what she writes. Some days you might get a thoughtful piece on how male relationships are portrayed in the media and others you’re going to get incoherent keyboard smashing about how perfect Raul Esparza happens to be. Current obsessions include the aforementioned Broadway star Raul Esparza, Hannibal, Person of Interest, comics, Game of Thrones, live tweeting her life on twitter (including Jury Duty, so why aren’t you following me already?), Carl Jung, writing fiction, owls, and Denmark.


Kathryn Loper


Kathryn has been a dedicated nerd ever since discovering the joys of Toonami when she was in elementary school. A graduate of the class of 2014 from the University of the Pacific with a major in Development and Cultural Change, she now is moving about and contemplating the future. In her spare time, she can be found working out at the gym to anime soundtracks, debating the value of anime in today’s entertainment industry, and entering into the wonderful world of cosplay. She’s still holding out hope that one day a black cat will cross her path and reveal to her that she’s a Sailor Senshi.


Kathy Pham


Also known as Kat, Kathy and Katherine in turns. She’s 18 and working towards a degree in English literature at the University of Calgary up in Canada. She wishes she had a polar bear to ride to school. Her most productive hours are between twelve and five AM, and she hates the sun with a burning passion. She reads YA lit, fangirls over video game artists and spends way too much time playing RPGs. She’s terrible at competitive games, but you couldn’t tear that controller out of her hands without a real fist fight. Her favourite superhero is Batman, her favourite series is Persona, and she loves cats. Known for subsisting on ramen, slurpies, and bad puns.

Rebecca Hail


Rebecca is a part time princess with a BS in Counseling Psychology. She likes reading, crafting, and binge watching shows on Netflix. The shows she loves includes OUAT, GOT, Hannibal, and Doctor Who. Her crafts focus mainly on making the traditional granny crafts (crocheting, cross stitch, etc) nerdier than they were ever intended to be. She is also a cosplayer, and on any free weekend you’ll find her at a con, or planning the next one. On more important topics, she is a reluctant Hufflepuff, Disnerd, prefers the old gaming systems, Rapidash is her favorite pokemon, and is a hot chocolate connoisseur.


Elise Kulik


Elise is a senior at Arizona State University studying Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology and minoring in mathematics. At any given time, she’s saying “not today” to the impending panic attack about her future. She facilitates this in part by marathoning reality television, including Bachelors in Paradise, The Quest, and Project Runway, with her roommates. When not drinking away the pain from this past season of Teen Wolf and writing feminist rants, you can find her watching CW shows, reading YA novels, or drooling over Chris Pine. While technically considered a U.S. citizen, Elise was born in Japan and wonders if she is still eligible for the presidency.


Cody Eastlick


Cody is finishing up his Bachelor’s in English at Arizona State. A writer-in-training, he lives with his dog Freya and several Thor statues. When not working for Nerdophiles he spends his time on several podcasts, writing Star Wars fan-scripts, reading anything with barbarians, patiently waiting the next season of Game of Thrones and attempting to get jacked like Conan (the Barbarian). He has suffered serious emotional duress reading about Cyclops. His preferred drink is a whiskey neat. You can listen to him jabber with very un-PC folks at Empire or Jedi and follow him on twitter. You know, if you’re into that sorta thing.


Elise Koszarek


Elise was a former member of the original Nerdophiles team, but left to focus on school. Returning to Nerdophiles a few years later, Elise is now a senior at Colorado State University studying zoology. When not blogging, she enjoys volunteering at a wolf sanctuary, participating in competitive horseback riding, and gaming. She has worked with dolphins, large exotic cats, wolves, and a plethora of farm animals and dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer. She has attended San Diego Comic Con for the past six years and has an extensive collection of various movie and television posters that she doesn’t know what to do with. She is also proud to call herself an online hoarder, and watches just as many shows as Therese does.


Malika Gumpangkum


Lover and curator of all cultural and artsy media, from David Fincher to Atticus Finch. Zealous believer of “le mot juste.” Aspiring to be the Asian female version of Neil Gaiman.


Steve Jozef


Steve is currently studying Creative Writing at ASU. He has written novels, short stories, songs, plays, poems, video games, comics, and of course plenty of blog posts. He spends most of his time either listening to music or waiting for people to ask him for band recommendations. He looks a decent amount like Benedict Cumberbatch. He hopes to someday write reviews professionally.

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