Reign: Drawn and Quartered Recap

Reign: Drawn and Quartered (2×02)

Synopsis: Francis and Mary deal with the repercussions of Mary’s actions against Lord Narcisse’s son. The court gets a taste of the “reckoning” and learn about the results of the Black Death.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

I have to say this episode brought us a lot of ups and downs. I am a little sad that we’re getting the end of the Black Death so soon, especially since I thought it was going to be a main point of the season, but I see we are weighing in on this supernatural element of the show a lot more.

[Far Far Away Site]

[Far Far Away Site]

With Craig Parker’s return from last episode, I feel like we’re going to be getting a lot more of him this season as Lord Narcisse. I almost wish that Parker would do a role as someone not evil, but here we are. He arrives this episode to bury his son’s corpse and finds out the truth of his son’s death from the one guy immune in the catacombs. The episode has a lot to deal with the newly crowned king. Francis is learning quickly that he’s going to have to prove himself.

After leaving Mary to deal with the Black Death, they seem to be on shaky ground. However their relationship is proved stronger after the incident with Lord Narcisse. Mary is willing to accept Francis and Lola’s baby, and willing to allow Francis to acknowledge the son. As much as I don’t want another baby to grow up like Bash, I also am still not a fan of this whole plot with Lola’s baby.

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[Far Far Away Site]

So in order to save Nostradamus and the men who brought Narcisse’s son into the catacombs from being drawn and quartered, Mary and Francis strike up a plan and fool Narcisse into setting Nostradamus free. For his part, Nostradamus remains a badass until the end. He suggests to Catherine that Clarisse might still be alive and manages to escape Catherine after being set free and rides off. Not sure if this is the last we’ll see of him, but it would be a pity. I’d miss his scratchy deep voice and puppy dog face.

Dealing with Narcisse forced Francis to give Leith’s newly appointed lands to Narcisse. Leith, who got a punch in the face from Castleroy who believes that Leith sent his daughter to her death, is now forced to return to court. He and Greer are on shaky ground, and so are Greer and Castleroy. Castleroy makes his departure to go do business and visit his younger children, but with the way this show’s timeline moves, we’ll probably see his return in a few episodes if not sooner. After all Leith is coming back to court.

[Far Far Away Site]

[Far Far Away Site]

I’m glad that Bash and Francis are fully repairing their bromance, since that was one of my favorite friendships. Francis wanted Bash at his side in his counsel, and although he originally disagreed, he eventually agreed and joined on as The King’s Deputy. I was a little worried that Bash would forever be given the supernatural plots given his connection to the occult, but we get another taste of those from beyond the grave as we hear from Henry in the final moments of the episode.

That’s right. Henry. His spirit takes hold of a nurse and he calls Francis a usurper. Already kind of aware of the “reckoning” that they’ll be getting this season because of Bash, he’s witnessed first hand of the truth’s coming to light after that incident.

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