LEGENDS Interviews at SDCC 2014

TNT At Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 - "Legends" Panel

#dontkillseanbean – that’s what the marketing department of TNT’s new drama series Legends wants to (maybe?) promise you. The show, brought to you by showrunner David Wilcox and producer Howard Gordon, stars Sean Bean as Martin Odum, an undercover FBI agent in the Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division and is based on the book by Robert Littell.

Martin Odum has the ability to transform himself into different ‘legends’ – including a Serbian extremist, a Scottish soccer club executive, and a British special forces colonel, among others – different undercover identities that allow him to do his job as an undercover operative. When a stranger suggests to Martin that he may not be the man he thinks he is, Odum goes after answers to his own true identity and he may not like what he finds.

We caught up with David Wilcox and Howard Gordon, as well as fellow stars Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut, and Tina Majorino at San Diego Comic Con 2014 to see what they had to say about the show. In this clip, David Wilcox teased the first season and what audiences can expect to see.

Ali Larter plays Crystal McGuire, an agent with her own legends who has proven herself in the field and doesn’t take any bull from anyone else. She butts heads with Odum, often disagreeing with his reckless behavior, and Larter gave us some insight into her dynamics with the rest of the team.

Morris Chestnut revealed that he doesn’t show up on the show until the second episode. He’s playing Tony Rice, an agent that can challenge Martin Odum both physically and mentally, with a sharp sense of humor, wit, and charm that he never fails to use when the opportunity arises. Chestnut discussed his character’s entrance in more detail in this clip below.

Tina Majorino is the newbie of the team, Maggie Harris, but she made sure to clarify that her character’s ‘newness’ isn’t the driving force behind her characterization. Harris is intelligent and empathetic, a support agent who quickly proves her worth and absolutely deserves her place on the team. Majorino spoke at length about the messages she wanted to send with her character and the opportunity she had to inspire other girls and women.

Howard Gordon continued David Wilcox’s train of thought with more musings on Sean Bean’s character and how the show delves into questions like are you your memories or your relationships? And when you find your identity questioned, if you’re not who you think you are… then who are you? He also drops a spoiler about Odum’s relationship with his son, so watch this clip at your own risk!

Legends premieres on TNT Wednesday, August 13 at 9 PM

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