Hannibal “Mizumono” Giveaway: Win Season 1 on DVD!

Calling all Fannibals!

Tonight is the season finale of Hannibal and we at the blog are squirming in anticipation for tonight’s no doubt jaw-dropping conclusion. We’ll be revisiting the fight scene which was previewed in the season premiere and will finally (hopefully) get some questions answered about the altercation!

Since we want to send this season off with a bang, we’ve decided to giveaway Hannibal season 1 on DVD to one lucky follower on Twitter! In the past we’ve done rafflecopter contests but since we want to have a big old online party to celebrate the finale of our beloved show, this contest will be held entirely on Twitter.

How to enter:

1. Tweet about Hannibal tonight using the hashtag #Hannibal and ending the tweet with a shoutout to @nerdophiles. You don’t need to directly tweet us (though you are more than welcome to), just tag us onto the end of one of your #Hannibal tweets.

2. Entries will be counted for East Coast AND West Coast showings!

3. You can tweet up to two hours before the East Coast showing (start tweeting at 8pm EST) and keep tweeting up until the big finish on the West Coast (11pm PST).

That is all you have to do! Here is an example:

Entries will be counted up on Saturday night and the winner will be drawn. We’ll announce the winner as soon as possible and once we get the winner’s address we’ll put in the order for Hannibal season 1!

Thanks for watching Hannibal, we hope you enjoy the season finale and look forward to live tweeting with you tonight!

If you have questions, feel free to tweet us @nerdophiles or go ahead and post in the comments.

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