#Geekspace Showcase (Part 2)!

Molly over at The Princess and the Geek issued a fun little challenge to geeks everywhere: show off your geek space. It can be a bookshelf, your bedroom, your office, your theater room, or even that cupboard under your staircase where you keep your unruly nephew. Whatever space you consider to be your geek home is game. We decided to turn it into a series to better get to know your Nerdophiles bloggers! Here is Katie’s #Geekspace and part 2 is all about my (Kylee’s) #Geekspace.

I think we’re all in agreement at Nerdophiles that our #Geekspaces tend to span our entire rooms, so I’m going to show you bits and pieces of my room and all of the geeky things I’ve got going on in there. Sadly, I think I’m going to skip over the bookshelf because it’s way too small and cluttered full of all sorts of knickknacks (SDCC swag from 2013? Yep, I’ve still got some in a ziplock bag!). I apologize in advance for all of the weird yellow-tinged cellphone pictures.


photo (15)

I actually made my bed and cleared off the side that holds all the junk! Behold, my Futurama calendar and Walking Dead Escape poster, both from SDCC 2013. And that thing in the middle of my bed? Dragon’s egg. Made by a friend and, apart from my laptop, probably one of the first things I’d grab in a fire.

photo (16)

Moving from my bed to my bedside table, I’ve got one of those cellphone chairs and my 3DS (and Pokemon X!). I lack any sort of achievement wall, so that’s my college diploma in that poster tube. The Slurpee cup holds all of my change and the thing covered in rubber bracelets is a little tajine that I got in Morocco when I studied abroad. The bottom two books are actually also from SDCC 2013 and basically serve as a base for the rotating group of books on top. Chew Vol 1 (while everyone on Nerdophiles reads Saga, I’ve still got Chew to keep me company) and No Hero actually need to be reviewed for Nerdophiles right now and Inherent Vice is something I’ve just been meaning to read.

photo (17)

I lied, here’s the top of my bookshelf. It’s the most organized part, with candy, shells from Hawaii, a shot glass from Loot Crate, books, and a bunch of tea in the back. The books are The Zombie Survival Guide, Doomed, No Country for Old Men, The Impossible Knife of Memory, A Feast for Crows, and American Gods. Two need to be reviewed, two need to be finished, and two need to be re-read. In the back, there’s my tea advent calendar from this past year, a teapot I use for decoration, and a tin of tea I’m hiding from the rest of my family so they can’t drink it before I do. Maybe I should have just photographed my tea collection because it’s actually crazy. I think I’ve filled almost an entire kitchen cupboard with things! photo (18)

I recently cleaned off my corkboard, so it’s in the rebuilding phases, but it has my badges from SDCC 2013, Awesome Con, and The Walking Dead Escape. There are also my 5k bibs along the bottom (with Lagertha!). Everything else is a mishmash of stickers and those free handouts people give you at cons with their info on them. I’m sure I’ll find more that need to be stuck up there soon.

Behind my desk is a wall of posters that has shrunk considerably since my days of Warped Tour. At one time, I think I filled an entire long wall with signed posters from bands and pictures I’d carefully ripped out of the programs. I don’t miss those days much. My crowning achievement of posters on display right now is my Breaking Bad poster from last year’s SDCC with Therese. We went to the fan party, had really strong drinks, and I told almost the entire cast that I was just super excited to go get my drink. I hardly said anything to Aaron Paul, missed the chance to hit on RJ Mitte, had a lovely conversation with Anna Gunn, and photo (20)had Blue Sky with Heisenberg himself.

Not pictured in any of these pictures is the food I tend to just… have around my room. Before you get a look at my desk, imagine a big jar of trail mix, Nutella, a bag of kettle corn, and a bag of salt and vinegar chips just hanging out on my bedside table or on my desk – that’s a more accurate idea of my room on most days. I did leave my teapot on my desk!

I’m also pretty sure I am the slowest Nerdophiles blogger to embrace my nerdy side, so a lot of my collections that you can see come from the last few years. But, without further rambling, let’s look at my desk – home to most of my geeky themed things.

photo (21)

Left-handed, so there’s my catch-all notebook for things as I sit at my desk. That’s actually the Nerdophiles television show recap list. My FCBD haul is still sitting on my desk, next to two more catch-all notebooks. I’ll be honest, I write everything everywhere, I just like to make lists. Perched on top of those is my iPad (it was playing Comanche at the time). I listened to the Cake station on Pandora to write almost every single college paper and I still love it. The big black square is my laptop, my baby. Creeping into the upper right hand corner are my headphones, my Batman wallet from Loot Crate, and a Red Stripe bottle.

photo (22)

Here’s the biggest concentration of geeky in my room, on the right side of my desk. I don’t have drawers on my cheap Ikea desk, so everything just hangs out on top. Tea cup and teapot that fueled this article (and every Nerdophiles article I write!). The goal this summer is to find some yard sale coasters and rip apart some comics to make custom coasters for my desk. Behind that, Rick Grimes, The Governor, Tyrion, and poor Headless Ned Funko Pop figures sit. When I get a bigger bookshelf, they may relocate, as I’ve got a list of figures to add to the collection (Sharknado!). There’s my Breaking Bad beaker and the two test tubes that had Blue Sky in them, a non-nerdy jar, my Game of Thrones mug (a gift from Katie), and my Vagabond Brewing cup from their Kickstarter campaign. It’s hard to make out the red Swingline stapler in the back, but it’s there and it’s my favorite office supply. Check out the bonus signed Disaster Artist poster in the background. If anyone is into nonfiction pop culture books, I can’t recommend it enough.

That’s about it for the clean, nerdy sections of my room and my #Geekspace. My bookshelf has about 100 CDs, all sorts of DVDs, and books piled up in a way that you wouldn’t even be able to see any of them. Not to mention I’d have to dust. Ugh.

Thanks again to Molly over at The Princess and the Geek for inspiring this post! Feel free to leave comments about your own #GeekSpace in the comments!

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