Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Fancy Brudgom Recap

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Fancy Brudgom (1×20)

Synopsis: Charles asks Jake to be his best man. While making the wedding decision rounds, Jake finds out that Charles and Vivian plan to move to Canada, even though Charles doesn’t want to. Jeffords, Santiago and Gina work together on a ridiculous diet and Holt makes Diaz apologize for making fun of a patrol officer.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Since my last recap of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fox renewed the show for a second season! Aww yes! It’s the 99, son!

I know, don’t say “son.”



In a surprise to no one, Charles has asked Jake to be his best man. Aww with me, everyone! (Also, I just now noticed how I always refer to the characters by their first name in civilian plot lines and their last names in police plot lines.) Except being Charles’ best man isn’t just whiskey, cigars, and strippers. It also involves helping Charles make weird wedding decisions, like whether to put habanaro icing on the cake or what tux to wear. It gets way more complicated though when Jake finds out that Charles is retiring from the force to go to suburban Ottawa with Vivian after they get married. Charles doesn’t want to go, but he’s too afraid to talk to Vivian out of fear of being dumped. Which, really, can you blame the guy who’s luck with women has been nothing but terrible before this?

Jake decides to help Charles talk to Vivian, but it goes horribly awry when Charles freaks out and asks Jake to do it for him. After some argument, Jake agrees, but that goes even worse when he brings it up like Charles asked him to and he ends up getting thrown under the metaphorical bus. The fact he quits being best man after this is very understandable. I mean, it’s kind of crappy to quit on your best friend, but I also barely have patience for being thrown under a bus the way Jake was.

Especially after all of this. []

Especially after all of this. []

After a talk with Amy reminding him that Charles is making a hard and confusing decision, Jake decides to go police style on Charles to help him finally talk it out with Vivian. “Police style,” of course, means pulling the siren on him and pulling a baton on his knee to keep him from running away. Seems legit. It works though because Charles FINALLY talks to Vivian about how he doesn’t want to move. Looks like the hard part of Jake’s job is done, but he’s still got to be the best man at the second worst wedding in history behind The Red Wedding (Jake’s words, not mine) and Charles only has spicy whiskey. Because of course he does.

At the precinct, Diaz receives a complaint from Officer Whitmore, a patrol officer in the 99 that she humiliated in front of the other patrolmen after he messed up evidence labels. Holt makes her apologize, but Diaz being Diaz, her tactics are a bit… aggressive and non-apologetic.

He burned the entire pad the horrifying apology letter was written on. THE ENTIRE PAD. []

He burned the entire pad the horrifying apology letter was written on. THE ENTIRE PAD. []

Holt finally manages to get a sincere apology out of her after a really touching moment where he tells her that he sees her as a leader, and that leaders teach people from their mistakes, not humiliate them. Diaz apologizes for everything she said (and drew) about Whitmore and shows him how to correct his mistakes. This was probably my favorite plot of the episode just to see Holt and Diaz interact and for showing how layered Diaz can be.

The third plot was weird though. Jeffords, Gina, and Santiago decide to start a new diet together, but it’s one of those diets with barely any food. Which is weird for Jeffords considering the fact this is the guy who got completely hangry on Thanksgiving after all his high calorie meals got ruined in the fridge and the search for food was worthless. One by one, Gina and Santiago drop the diet because they’re so hungry, but Jeffords decides to stay on it despite the fact he’s starving and it’s messing with his gastrointestinal system.

It turns out that the reason he’s on this diet? He’s supporting his wife who’s on the same diet and self-conscious after the birth of their girls. Which is sweet, but I feel like Jeffords should know better for his own self considering his own body and routine. Still, upon hearing this, the girls decide to support him in this decision and keep him on the diet. They’re still going to eat though. Good call.

Because Hangry Santiago is not a Fun Santiago. []

Because Hangry Santiago is not a Fun Santiago. []

This episode was… okay. I enjoyed the more wedding-esque aspects of Jake and Charles’ plot, but the throwing under the bus made me uncomfortable. The diet plot was weird, but oddly sweet. I really liked Diaz’s plot though. It’s been too long since she’s had a main plot in an episode.

Let’s hope the last two episodes of the season are a lot better.

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