Kickstarter Round-Up: Art Books, Fairytales, and Comic Book Explosions!

Nothing jaw-droppingly amazing happened in the world of Kickstarter this week. I personally got the funds together to back those Period Panties that inspired it all before the time ran out for pledges. And with San Diego Comic Con craziness happening this weekend, this post is one day late. Shh.


The Bacterionomicon

bacterionomiconLook at that awesome sample page right there. How awesome does that look? The Bacterionomicon is a fantasy art book that will showcase 41 “Lords of Pestilence” (infectious bacteria) and 27 “Apothecary Healers” (antibiotics), based on a 2010 card game called Healing Blade. The metaphorical descriptions will give clues to the actual facts about the different bacteria and antibiotics. If that doesn’t blow the CDC and their faux zombie preparedness articles out of the water, nothing (…okay, a lot) will. An index with all of the planned bacteria and antibiotics can be found on their Kickstarter page. Each entry into The Bacterionomicon is going to feature a full set of stats, descriptions, icons, and a full-color layout. Be honest, you’ve always wanted to know what kind of beast Helicobacter pylori is.

Under $20 Rewards: For $10, you’ll get a PDF download of The Bacterionomicon to call your very own!

Ends March 31, 2014.

The Reverie – A Post-Apocalyptic Fairytale

thereverieWe’re double-duty on this project – that’s how much we love it. Sam Wildman, our blogger, (not her rival for internet handles and male counterpart, Sam Wildman, the Writer and Director of this project) covers the film more in depth here. But looking at the Kickstarter alone presents us with a capable crew wanting to tell the story of Amy. In the wake of disaster, Amy finds comfort in a radio broadcasting a song. Now look at the title again – post-apocalyptic fantasy – with the Kickstarter promising mysticism, magic, and a core of human magnetism. If that doesn’t sound like a hell of a concept, you’re lying. Check out our companion piece (linked above) or the Kickstarter (and pledge!) because we at Nerdophiles would really love to see this film get made!

Under $20 Rewards: For 5 Pounds, approximately $8, you’ll receive six high resolution digital stills from the movie and a personal thanks. For 10 Pounds, closer to $16, you’ll get a download for the gorgeous poster seen on the Kickstarter page!

Ends April 8, 2014.

Skies of Fire

skiesoffireIf you go to the Kickstarter page, there’s a giant explosion and a fiery airship. I am that easy to please. Skies of Fire is about diesel-powered airships in a kingdom that the creators have described as being roughly akin to post-WWI Great Britain. A female Captain of the Royal Guard puts together a motley crew on the airship the Zephyr as they go after a wanted criminal. Making things more complicated is the endless storm, The Expanse, that promises cover for those brave enough to navigate it. The preview provided looks absolutely amazing and funds would go to getting the first issue printed.

Under $20 Rewards: For $5, you’ll get three Skies of Fire postcards showcasing Port Prince, where the story is set. Also for $5, you can get a digital PDF copy of the first issue with the standard cover when it is completed. Bump that up to $8, you’ll get the digital PDF copy with a variant cover and a detailed look at the process of getting the comic made (concept art, black and white ink, script with commentary). For $15, you’ll get all the digital awards and a physical copy of the first issue. If you’d rather have a poster, a $15 pledge can get you that plus the digital deluxe awards. Pretty impressive selection of awards for the price.

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