Karl Urban Briefly Returns to the Judge Dredd Universe Courtesy of 2000 AD Comics

I have no idea how this has escaped my notice for a good week now because I think it’s pretty clear by now that I am a huge Dredd fan. Also: a huge Karl Urban fan. So when these two things come together you’d think, “Dude, Sam’s all over this.” I mean, when Therese and I met him at an Almost Human signing at SDCC last year we totally asked him to do the Dredd face – and he did! Yet somehow I didn’t realize until just recently thanks to a post over at Geek Pride that these two beautiful things had come together once again. Okay, so, maybe Judge Dredd isn’t ‘beautiful’ so much as violent.

But still.

Apparently at Dallas Comic Con Karl Urban – because he’s awesome and totally panders to the fans – narrated an introduction to Judge Dredd America. Because the people at 2000 AD are equally as awesome, they then took a recording of that narration and made a short motion comic out of it. By short I mean just about fifty seconds on the dot. It’s still totally awesome, though, because c’mon. Karl Urban as Judge Dredd. This clip made me want to start watching Dredd right now and it’s almost 1 AM.

By the way, if you’re not reading the original Judge Dredd comics from 2000 AD you are seriously missing out. You can find the Complete Casefiles collections on Amazon for like $15 a pop. It adds up in price, sure, but considering each collection is like 300+ pages $15 is practically a steal.

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