Due to finals and holiday obligations of staff members the posting rate for Nerdophiles will be slower this month than you may be used to seeing.

We are going to be trying to keep to our usual posting schedules but may fall behind by a few days. Many of the current Nerdophiles staff members are students and unfortunately finals have forced us to put our blogging obligations to the side for a few weeks. Other members of the team are working retail and I don’t think I need to tell anyone how stressful that can be!

All of our staff student staff members (including myself!) should be done by December 18th at the latest. I’ll be driving from Phoenix to New York for the holidays (with my cats) but after next Wednesday you should see a noticeable increase in content around her. I know we’ve got tons of recaps, reviews, and more in the docket right now just waiting half finished until our staff is ready to get back to them.

So we just ask that you bear with us and take advantage of our upcoming holiday giveaway as our way of sort of saying sorry!

If you have any questions (or complaints) leave us a comment below!

(And, yes, as always, I am a crazy cat lady and insist on using that picture of my kitten ‘reading’ my Constitutional Law II text book. Hush, he’s adorable.)

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