Loot Crate #Celebrate Unboxing and First Look

For the month of November, Loot Crate’s theme was Celebrate! Celebrate all of the new next-gen consoles and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who! Here is our unboxing video, but sadly there were no mega crates won among us.

Inside the crate this month was:

  • South Park Rechargeable Mobile Speaker
  • Batman Tyvek Mighty Wallet
  • Premium Playing Cards
  • BFAST Breakfast Shake
  • First Person Shooter Glass
  • Doctor Who TARDIS Balloon
  • Doctor Who Police Box Wall Graphic

Kylee wrote on last month’s Loot Crate, if you want to check it out. Also for those interested in a subscription, check it out here.

One response to “Loot Crate #Celebrate Unboxing and First Look

  1. Mighty Wallets are made of tyvek, which is a paper-like material used in building homes. Its very durable and super recyclable! The company will recycle it for you, just send it in to them.

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