Tyler Hoechlin or Jensen Ackles – Who’d be the better Batman?

At San Diego Comic- Con a very surprising secret was revealed about the sequel to Zack Snyder’ Man of Steel.  Henry Lennix announced to hundreds of fans that another famous superhero will feature in the film expected to be on screens in 2015. Non-other than the caped crusader himself, Batman!

With Christian Bale, the most recent actor to done the Batman suite, not interested in taking up the role, news of the next possible actor to step up for this role has fans buzzing.

It’s only been a few days since the announcement and yet we are already getting a few names of possible actors to play this ironic role.

It has been revealed that Tyler Hoechlin, known for his roles in ‘Road to Perdition’ and ‘MTV’s Teen Wolf’, is one of the possible actors considered for this role. He has apparently even already had a screen test with Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill.

Image credit: MTV

Could Tyler Hoechlin win the role? He already has the impressive smoulder. 

This would be a huge boost to his career, although he is already much loved for his role in ‘Teen Wolf’ starring in a Hollywood superhero blockbuster would be amazing. We already know he can pull of the broody, mysterious image due to his role as everyone’s favourite Alpha so he could be perfect to play Bruce Wayne.

However another well-known small screen actor has made it known that he would love to play Batman in the upcoming film. At the same San Diego comic-con Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Ten Inch Hero) even wore a batman shirt and during one interview mentioned his desire to take up this role.

Image credit: Supernatural Wikia

Who wouldn’t want badass Jensen Ackles as the new Batman?

In ‘Supernatural’ he plays a rugged yet charming Hunter, whose skills include excelling in manpain, fighting badguys and disarming a gun one handed. Swoon-worthy and excellent skills for a possible Batman, maybe?

Neither actors may be as well-known compared to some other big screen actors who may be considered for the role, such as Ryan Gosling, but on the small screen they have a very large and loyal fanbase who would support them in getting this dream role.

Tyler Hoechlin may very well be the man for this role. He’s a very active, hand’s-on actor, in many interviews he talks about his enjoyment about doing his own stunts and even the fact that he fights to be able to do more. This will come in handy if he wants to be part of Snyder’s movie, since from what we’ve seen in Man of Steel, they’ll be a lot of action and fighting sequences.

On the other hand Jensen Ackles does a lot of his own stunts too in Supernatural and he also has the added advantage of having ties with Warner Bros since he’s been with Supernatural for around 10 years. Plus after Chris Evans he was considered the next choice for Steve Roger’s in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Both actors are very attractive, which of course they have to be if they’re going to be paired up with Henry Cavil. And both actors have other commitments to keep in mind, not only with their respective shows but Jensen Ackles is also a new father, but they’re both hard-working professional so they could make it work.

Image credit: Den of Geek

The awesome logo for Man of Steel 2 revealed at San-Diego Comic-con 2013

I have to admit I am a bit biased because I really love these two actors. I think both Hoechlin and Ackles are both amazing actors and would be amazing choices to play the next Batman. Honestly if either of these men were picked I would most definitely be watching the Superman/Batman movie just for them.

Which of these actors do you think would be the better batman? Or do you think a different actor entirely would be better suited? Comment below.

31 responses to “Tyler Hoechlin or Jensen Ackles – Who’d be the better Batman?

  1. I love both but I think Hoechelin is slightly too young for the role and Ackles has right kind of charisma to play Bruce Wayne, while being able to pull off the badass, wounded intensity of Batman. It’s a tough choice, but Ackles gets my vote.

    • I like Hoechlin way more than Ackles but yeah. He is just 25. Henry Cavill looks that full five years older. I’m not sure they’d want that obvious of a difference on screen when the two characters have always been essentially equals in the comics.

  2. Tyler is enjoyable enough on “Teen Wolf” but he still is a very young actor. He’s not quite seasoned enough, IMO, and yes, very young physically as well. Jensen Ackles has the experience and the talent to be able to bring Batman/Bruce Wayne to the big screen, and he has been playing a very Batman/Bruce Wayne like character in Dean Winchester. Jensen Ackles gets my vote!

  3. Jensen Ackles is hands down the best choice for Batman.. Even if I’m a little biased he is the perfect choice. Not only because he is a terrific actor but also because he would bring the correct intensity and the wounded hero emotions to Bruce Wayne.. Jensen Ackles gets my vote..

  4. Jensen Ackles would revel in that role, IMO-and own like no other ever before. They need someone like this for the new Batman. And Bruce Wayne needs the suave charm and maturity that Jensen would be better able to bring to that half of the character. They should give this to Jensen. They would not be sorry.

  5. I don’t know how satisfied I would be for either as the dark knight. Like, Tyler is a bit too young to match Cavill’s Clark, and Jensen is someone I can’t separate from Dean Winchester and someone I don’t think would be a good fit.

  6. I love them both, but Jensen absolutely gets my vote here. Can this be a thing? Please? I’d rip off an arm to see Jensen Ackles play Batman. Maybe not my arm, but someone’s.

  7. Teen wolf, mmm come back in 10yrs, way too young but handsome.
    Ackles -sigh, he is already haunted in Supernatural. I’m sorry the fact that Gosling and other chewing gum boys are better known than Jensen is sickening. If I see Gosling or Bradley Cooper in one more film, I’ll barf!

  8. Jensen is the perfect choice. He has the deep voice. Tyler is ok in teen wolf but the show has all around Terrible acting like i don’t even know if he can act. Supernatural actually has emotion. Jensen is even a better choice than Ryan gosling

  9. Come on people let’s make it happen, Jensen Ackles for batman. Besides Snyder alredy said he wanted someone who wasn’t very known to keep it even with Cavill who is also just begining to be recognize. So no B Cooper or Gosling.

  10. For many years, ever since Chris Bale decided he’d wear the cape and cowl no more my top and ONLY choice has been indeed JENSEN ACKLES, now I’m glad that possibility seems not to far away. Jensen has the physique, strong character, looks, and most importantly for me a deep-toned voice reminiscent to that of Batman favorite voice actor, Kevin Conroy. I hope Snyder and WB can see that.

  11. Boy that’s tough, my two favorite prime time actors!!!!!!!! I’d have to go with Jensen Ackles though…. Maturity and OMG those lips! 🙂

  12. I would have Ryan Gosling run for Flash instead. He does not physically resemble Bruce Wayne much. Yes he could act the playboy image very well, but Jensen Ackles resembles Wayne best.

  13. I’d definitely say Jensen Ackles. Hoechlin’s still too young. Jensen’s thirty-five and 6’1” (as tall as Cavill), and Bats and Supes are essentially “equals.” He’s at a good age and height to play Batman. He has the experience, the charisma, and the gruff voice. I’m definitely all for seeing Jensen as the next Batman.

      • Dammit. What are these “rumors”? They’re going with an older Batman? ‘Cause I’ve heard that one. Not sure I think that’s a good idea to kick off the very first live action movie with the two of them together. I’m sure a lot of people would rather see the two of them start off around the same age.

      • Agreed. I don’t know why they want an older Batman. I can understand not wanting a younger Batman but the last thing I want is Josh Brolin with his dad vibe coming in as Batman. I think in the comics they’ve always been pretty much the same age and I think it would make the whole Clarke ultimately trusting Bruce with the Kryptonite plotline way more effective if it’s a peer rather than some old dude trying to either be his mentor or the older, brooding know-it-all veteran.

      • I agree completely. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I feel like having Batman in an older mentor-sort position would diminish the dynamic relationship between him and Superman. I wouldn’t care if they made a sequel with an older Batman a ways down the road (since he ages and Clark doesn’t much), long after the creation of the Justice League… but not before that. I think that if Bats and Supes are going to start the JL together, they should start off as peers, equals, friends.

      • Actually, the best way to go is if they started with an older Batman. An older Batman will say that he’s seasoned, grizzled, and experience. These are some good key elements that are going to make it believable that Batman can stand toe-to-toe with Superman. Just because one is older than the other doesn’t mean they’re unequal. Superman is young and inexperience, but has incredible power. If they go with an older Batman, it would say he’s a veteran, has been doing this for years, knows what to do and how to fend off against something that is not yet predictable. However, I would totally love it if Jensen Ackles was Batman. I mean, my most favorite actor of all time playing my most favorite superhero of all time is a major dream come true. Plus, he’ll be 36, which I see is old enough, by the time they start shooting..

  14. Jensen Ackles( don’t like this guy) but he’s a great actor and he is the best choice for the batman role!

  15. Jensen!!!! He’s got just the right amount of kick assness and the perfect surly attitude. He’s got the voice and look as well. He would rock this role!

  16. I love both of them to bits, but Tyler gets my vote here. From what I read about it, this movie would be the just the start, it would lead up to a Justice League movie in a few years and who knows where will they go from there? So I think Tyler would be a better choice because he’s younger (and while he’s 25 he looks 30-ish if he needs to) and he will be able to do all the movies they planned even it’s 5-7 years from now on.
    But if the producers don’t choose him, Jensen would be definitely my second choice before anyone else!

  17. Whoops. Let’s try again,

    Jensen Ackles would be PERFECT. He would be a gruff, dangerous Batman…And a cool, smarmy, smart-aleck Bruce Wayne. He’d have fun with the role.


  18. Jensen all the way! He’s a great actor and I think he’d be perfect! Screw the haters who won’t even give him a chance. And I’m not saying that to people who choose someone else above Jensen, just to the certain few who enjoy saying such negative and egotistical things about him. ❤

  19. As good as both actors are, I can’t see either of them as Batman. I’m excited for the new Batman/Superman movie but I think it’s too early for a Batman reboot with Christopher Nolans Batman trilogy having just ended, I think it will be hard for the audience to view anyone other then Bale as Batman for a few years.

  20. Tyler hands down. He has the right amount of broody mysteriousness and charm that a guy requires to play both Batman and Bruce Wayne. I love Jensen and he is definitely a seasoned actor, a good one , but he just is not Batman. He would have been a good Captain America or even Iron man but Batman – NO.
    P.S Ryan Gosling , really ?!!!!!!!!

  21. Tyler hoechlin is an absolutely amazing actor! He doesn’t look much younger than Ackles and he does a lot of his own stunts. He also already has the mindset for the role of batman considering he plays Derek Hale in Teen Wolf. I honestly think that Hoechlin also looks a bit “manlier” than Ackles. All in all Hoechlin is the better choice for the role.

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