True Blood: The Sun Recap

Seriously, how many emotions can True Blood make me have? It’s only episode 2, and I’m already having freakouts.

With Worlow coming back, we ended the pilot with the potential that Jason had just been picked up by him. However, the episode quickly established the stranger as Jason’s grandfather, Niall Brigant. He is there to investigate that ghosty glimmery little fog in Sookie’s bathroom, which turns out to be a portal or some sort? It’s hard to deliberate exactly how true to his intentions Niall is, since no one ever has just one agenda in this show.

Grandpa Niall. Why is he dressed like that?

Grandpa Niall. Why is he dressed like that?

Well I guess, except for the fae. Which is just… survival.

Anyways, he teaches her how to harness her fae light, and tells her that she’s basically a faerie princess. That he’s essentially a faerie king, and she’s the princess, but Jason is not a prince because he got skipped on the gene. He teaches her to harness this ball of light that is essentially her super nova. That should she use it, it is her last resort. After using it all of her faerie powers will be gone and she’ll be human afterwards.

Curious you should mention that, grandad. Because she just met a guy named Ben who is also half-fae like her and is also kind of interested in getting rid of his powers because they’re kind of a hassle when you can’t get a hold on your powers. Maybe there’s some correlation? Huh. Anyways, I feel like Ben has more ulterior motives, like everyone does on the show, so we’ll see how that goes. He’s sent off to the Fae bar to find more of his kind.

I don't trust you. But, I don't trust anyone.

I don’t trust you. But, I don’t trust anyone.

Meanwhile, Sam’s life is a dumpster fire. From being stalked by these people hoping for a big supernatural reveal that will cancel out the crazy anti-vampire government to having Alcide come in with his pack and wolf their way into taking Emma from him. I have to say, although she is her grandmother and Emma should have some association with her real family, that scene was pretty sad. As Emma is taken from Lafayette’s house, screaming Sam’s name, and Sam and Lafayette are beaten on the ground. Of course during this whole tussle they managed to reveal who and what they all are and of course that supernatural activist group just happened to be there with cameras. Damn technology.

Andy’s got some problems of his own, with four daughters that won’t stop growing. Hopefully we’ll get to see them in like a teenager form by the end of the season. I think it would be hilarious to see Andy have to take care of four teenage daughters. Also really kind of sad. But he goes back to that field where the entrance to the faerie bar is, and assumedly meets up with Ben.

UV bullets. Hmm, I remember these like 8 years ago. Does no one watch a movie?

UV bullets. Hmm, I remember these like 8 years ago. Does no one watch a movie?

In the vampire world, Eric has wormed his way into the mayor’s house. After Tara is shot by a UV bullet, which reminds me much more of another vampire franchise (I think it was called Underworld? Yeah, no, I’m 100% sure that’s what it was called), he goes to the mayor’s house to settle this. Of course he goes under the guise of a nerdy little human reporter and tries to glamour the mayor. And of course, he’s wearing protective lenses. Great. Well Eric gets kicked out, and before they can do anything to him, he flies off. Yeah, they can fly too. Thanks for giving away your last advantage Eric.

Guys, I'm about to show you something awesome.

Guys, I’m about to show you something awesome.

Well later on in the night, when the mayor’s teenage daughter takes out her contacts, she is visited by Eric and immediately glamoured by her. And he is able to get himself into the house.

Wait. What they can fly!?

Wait. What they can fly!?

Over at the Compton household, there are some serious problems. Being, Billith. Yeah, that’s a problem. He spends the whole episode in some sort of coma trance, with Jessica freaking out about his condition. She hires a fang banger basically to come and feed Bill. But of course it all turns creepy when he does some crazy Billith shit and crunches her bones together and then literally sucks the life out of her.

Bill and Lilith together, Billith.

Bill and Lilith together, Billith.

After that traumatic experience, Jessica basically leaves him alone. In his mind, Bill is having a conversation with Lilith. Whether or not this is some figment of his crazed imagination or not is still up in the air, but he is able to see and feel the pain of all the vampires as well as see the future. And when he finally wakes up from his trance, he gets another vision. A vision that shows all of the vampires rounded up naked in a room as sunlight pours in on them.

Yeah that’s how the episode ends. Cryptic, as always.

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