Fannibals Everywhere Implode in #Feels as Hannibal is Renewed

Yes, friends, something magical has indeed happened. Hannibal has been picked up for a second thirteen episode season set to air in the midseason next year. After remaining on the bubble for so long fans and series creator Bryan Fuller can rest easy and enjoy the next few episodes of this season without wondering if they will be the last. Hannibal and Will – and any other characters who manage to survive this season – will be back for at least one more year.


Everyone should know that I am beyond estatic. Amy and Kylee, too. We freakin’ love this show and the fandom. The past few days I have been living with a sense of dread just waiting for June 1st to roll around and for us to get what I assumed would be bad news. I was already starting to hope that someone else would pick up the show once NBC dropped it and I was hypothesizing who it would be. Turns out, it doesn’t need to be anyone. Thank you, NBC.

“We’re so proud of Bryan’s vision for a show that is richly textured, psychologically complex, and very compelling,” NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke said in a statement. “There are many great stories still to be told.”

And thank you FANNIBALS! As the NBC Hannibal Tumblr said, “#*screaming and laughing and skipping and flipping* #It’s truly because of all the Fannibals #FANNIBAL HUGS FOR EVERYONE.” Because, yeah. It’s all because of you.

From Twitter campaigns, barraging NBC with emails and letters, working up petitions, and developing such a solid fandom and fanbase – this is a success not just for Bryan, the show, the actors, or the network but for you guys, too. I am way impressed by the way everyone came together with Bryan and trucked along for the past few weeks after the show was put into limbo.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the show was at risk and you guys stepped up to the plate. I mean, after the ratings drop and various controversies that had plagued the show renewal was going to be an uphill battle.

Well, guess what?

We stormed that hill.

No go watch tonight’s episode and be righteously terrified.

7 responses to “Fannibals Everywhere Implode in #Feels as Hannibal is Renewed

  1. Lee Pace, David Tennant, and David Bowie are all rumored to be potential casting interests for season 2. If any one of these wonderful men were to make an appearance (let alone all 3), I would DIE. ALL THE FEELS. *flails*

  2. I’ve head about Bowie, but David Tennant and Lee Pace? SERIOUSLY?! Well, you wouldn’t be alone in death. There could be a lot of dead Fannibals next season!

  3. Love this blog. And so damn proud of the Fannibals—and to count myself among them! I could eat us up.

    • Thanks, Shells! I love the Fannibal fandom. It’s just ridick. I’m so glad it came through for the show. I literally cannot contain my excitement for season two.

  4. I am THRILLED! What a fabulous show. I watch each episode several times to bathe in the beauty, the intelligence, and Mads Mikkelsen. He is amazing and totally eclipses the cartoonish Hopkins. His face and eyes can convey more than any actor I have ever seen,

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