Nerdophiles Special Service Announcement #1 (4/29 – 5/7)

As we mentioned on our Facebook page a couple days ago, please forgive us if you see a slow down in our usual posting rate and schedule over the next week or so. We are going to be trying to keep to our usual posting schedules but may fall behind by a few days. All of the current Nerdophiles staff members are students and unfortunately finals are upon us all. I’m the world’s worst law student and need to cram for all of my finals… and write a paper. And then two of our staffers (Angee and Amy) are graduating seniors and so they will be extra busy cramming for their last finals and powering through last minute projects and thesis papers and, you know, graduating! Plus all the craziness that comes with it.  At least Therese will be done by May 3rd?

Fear not, though!

Currently there are six book/comic reviews in scheduled to post in that time period. Also, we will most certainly have posts up on time for the Vikings and the Following finales and Hannibal on Thursday. And, of course, the Iron Man 3 movie review. Kirstie has finals until the end of the month but she’s bad ass enough to keep up.

I know that I will personally make sure to get all of my missed updates posted on Friday of next week. This will include episode recaps for Revolution, the most recent episodes of Defiance, and today’s Once Upon A Time.

If you have any questions (or complaints) leave us a comment below!

(And, yes, that is a picture of my kitten reading my Constitutional Law II text book. Loki is on top of this.)

6 responses to “Nerdophiles Special Service Announcement #1 (4/29 – 5/7)

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