BBC Sherlock Production Designer Teases Return on Twitter

We’ve just passed the one-year mark since Sherlock staged his fatal fall from the roof of St. Bart’s, and fans of the BBC series continue to wait restlessly for all the answers series 3 will (hopefully) bring. The suspense has been excruciating, but this week, a glimmer of hope appeared at the end of the tunnel. His name is Arwel Wyn Jones. Jones is Sherlock’s production designer, and he’s been making good use of his Twitter account. The teasing began on Monday, with this image of an empty studio. ScreenShot2013-01-25at114040PM_zps1e3e065a The next day, he tweeted this seemingly innocent photo of an art director at work. But we know our Baker Street wallpapers. ScreenShot2013-01-25at114104PM_zps01d0eb76 And our doorways. ScreenShot2013-01-25at114130PM_zps974f35cb “Who lives in a house like this?” Who indeed, Arwel. ScreenShot2013-01-25at114151PM_zps994289e5 Did I mention wallpapers? ScreenShot2013-01-25at114213PM_zps2dcc5403 And to close out the work week… ScreenShot2013-01-25at114244PM_zps5b5185d6 So take a break from cursing Moffat’s name to send some love to Arwel Wyn Jones, Sherlock production designer extraordinaire. It’s not a lot to go on, but it’s more than we’ve had in a good long while. 221B is rising again, so hang in there, Sherlockians!

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